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Greetings from Cambodia!

On behalf of Cambodia Association of Travel Agents, I would like to highly appreciate the utmost efforts deployed by the leadership and officials of the Ministry of Tourism and fellow Travel Agents for making the Cambodia Tourism as the leading industry of Cambodia.

Based on the world tourism market for the past years and recent report made by World Tourism Organization, it reveals that the number of tourists traveling worldwide accounts for 900 millions. On the other hand, the tourists traveling to East Asia and the pacific account over 150 millions. In conjunction with the world tourism development trend, Cambodia witnessed over 2 million International Visitor's Arrival in 2008. In the same place domestic tourists are noticeably increasing. The tourism growth is made possible by the utmost efforts of the Royal Government to ensure security, stability and social order and to vigorously develop physical infrastructure such as national road, land-filled road, bridge, port and airport...etc.

In addition, Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airports are successfully operating their services and they have become the ones that can meet the international standard and can accommodate many tourists every year. National roads and bridges linking the international checkpoints are being, rehabilitated and reconstructed so as to connect Cambodian economy to our neighboring countries, particularly for tourism and trade purposes.

Other than Angkor complex, Cambodia has many more natural tourism resorts and temples that are tourism attractive destinations. With her cultural potential, an ancient heritage, and enormous natural resources, Cambodia can become a world cultural and natural tourism destination in the region.

It has been an immense pleasure to inform that the Cambodian Association of Travel Agents (CATA) has joined in global information technology and introduced informative website in the global network of travel & tourism world which is the great leap forward of the Travel Agent's community in Cambodia. The Travel Trade in Cambodia is maintaining their quality of services keeping a pace with the world standard. Cambodia being the country of 15 million people is a very potential and large market for the Travel Trade. CATA having highly dedicated and talented office bearers are trying hard to develop the Travel Trade to the world class with excellence in all aspect of services. Recently CATA has conceived a number of development plans to upgrade the CATA activities in order to help the government as well as the member travel agents to undertake various professional improvement projects to establish a very strong infrastructure for the travel and tourism sector.

The newly launched website of CATA would enable the rapid travel trade growth and develop the fellowship among the travel agents throughout the world and make them partners in progress.

I congratulate to the Executive Board and the members who have contributed their time, talent and energy to develop CATA as the National Tourism Organization of Cambodia.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambodia and Experience the Kingdom of Wonder!

Thank You,
Mrs. Chhay Sivlin
President, Cambodia Association of Travel Agents (CATA)


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