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CATA Membership

CATA Membership Sub Committee plays an active role in building the Organization. Its main Goal is:

Develop list of prospective direct members and pursue them to join organization and maintain existing membership.

Benefits of Membership:

1. Representation in Government Policy-Making Bodies
In recognition of its leadership in the discussion and promotion of private sector concerns and interests, the national government has accorded the CATA the recognition of being the representative and voice of Cambodia Tourism. It is given a hand in the process of government policy formulation. It reviews tourism policies, and with the interest of the tourism community in mind, CATA works out policy alternatives and conveys them to concerned government agencies. The CATA represents the tourism sector in a number of government bodies tasked with policy formulation and implementation.

2. Opportunity to Participate In CATA Standing Committees
Membership in Committees is a privilege granted only to CATA members. Involvement in CATA committees keeps one abreast of the issues and concerns besetting one's industry or sector. Here, one gets the chance to directly influence the decision-making processes within the organization, which shapes CATA's positions actions on local and international tourism issues.

3. Access to Tourism Business Opportunities
The CATA regularly receives trade, tourism and research inquiries from all over the world. Most of these inquiries come from companies which either are looking for suppliers and buyers or tourism business tie-ups. CATA members may also avail of this service when looking for buyers and suppliers, both local and foreign.

CATA provided the following venues to access tourism business opportunities:
  • Membership Database: The CATA Membership Database is the heart of CATA's business-matching engine and envisioned to be the confluence of tourism contacts in the Cambodia.
  • Business Networking: The Business Networking Program creates physical and virtual venues for prospective business parties to meet and do business. The physical venue allows members to do personal networking and to have personal interaction with other businessmen.

4. Access to Trade and Other Tourism Industry Associations
The Association also has a wide network of trade and other tourism industry associations which serve as sounding boards on issues and concerns of the respective industries / sectors.

5. Opportunity to Meet and Do Business with Foreign Tourism Partners
The CATA is regularly visited by foreign tourism boards and trade missions. Depending on the area of interest of these visiting officials or businessmen, CATA invites members for meetings to explore possible tie-ups. CATA continually seeks out potential local and foreign tourism business and partners through:
  • Tourism Missions. CATA regularly sends and receives trade missions and delegations to or from different countries and international institutions. These missions are aimed at exploring possible tie-ups. These visits and bilateral exchanges are fertile sources of contracts from which significant joint ventures grow.
  • Business Councils. Business Councils are organized to promote tourism trade and business relations among and between CATA members and members of tourism trade organizations abroad. These councils have the following objectives:
    • establishment of closer relations and collaboration through information exchange;
    • the organization of seminars, trade missions and exhibitions;
    • And the formation of joint business councils.
6. Access to Local and International Trainings
Through the CATA's extensive links with various local and international government and private institutions, members are provided with first-hand opportunities to attend training programs here and abroad.

7. Information Services
The CATA offers a wide range of information services through various publications such as:
  • CATA Hand Book: CATA Hand Book kept the members updated on new tourism policies, foreign and local business opportunities, international trade fairs and events, government regulations, latest statistic and economic indicators and other such enterprise-relevant information.
  • CATA Directory: CATA publishes the Cambodia Travel Agents Directory annually which contains profiles of member companies, local organizations and other trade associations. This publication is circulated among CATA Members and distributed among government agencies, Foreign Embassies in the Cambodia, Foreign Chambers of Commerce, Business Organizations, as well as to Cambodian Embassies abroad and other relevant institutions.
  • CATA Website: The CATA website provides members unlimited 24 x 7 online access to information.
  • CATA information through regular emails to all the members: The CATA also provides a wide range of reference materials on tourism market and product profiles, foreign business reports, trade directories, country profiles and other tourism reports and opportunities available to members at CATA Library & Information Center.
How to Become a CATA Member | New Membership & Membership Renewals

Membership is open to all individuals who are engaged in Travel Tourism, Travel Transportation and Associated Professions. For Membership Details, please contact membership Sub Committee at CATA Secretariat or email us at:

Membership Types

There are three types of Membership in CATA

Honorary Lifetime Membership shall be limited to members of good standing. Lifetime membership may be appointed to such members by a majority vote of the membership. Lifetime membership shall have all rights and privileges of the Association with the exception of voting rights and holding an elective office.

Corporate Membership shall be limited to those companies or corporate's who are in the travel services and legally approved by Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia. Corporate Members shall have all voting rights and may hold elective office within the Association. Corporate Membership is the main strength of the Organization.

Associate Membership is open to any person or company who is responsible for directing the business conducted by the following companies: Auto Rental, Bus, Certified Air Carrier, Charge Card, Credit Card, Cruise Line, Travel Related Automation Company, Travel Management Consulting Firms, Travel Management Companies and other travel professional services firms or associations. Associate Membership shall have some rights and privileges of the Association with the exception of voting rights and holding an elective office.

All the Memberships have to be approved by the Membership Sub Committee and the CATA BOARD.

Membership Fees & Dues
Membership is available on an annual calendar year basis (January to December) at a Membership Fees. Please contact the Membership Sub Committee or CATA Secretariat for the Membership and Renewal Fees.

Refund / Cancellation Policy
Membership Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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