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About CATA

This dynamic young association was born in 1996 with one major aim-to bring together tourist agencies of all sizes from across the Kingdom under one banner and by doing so organize them into one powerful lobbying force to give the commercial sector of the burgeoning tourist industry a strong voice in a rapidly growing industry.
CATA''s main objectives are to work closely with other major players in the Cambodian tourism industry to develop and increase tourism while giving its own members the strongest possible united voice in how this development will occur. These players include the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the APSARA Authority that oversees Angkor Wat, and private sector groups like airlines, civil aviation authorities, hotels and other hospitality based associations.

Members meet regularly to discuss ideas or concerns they may have and work out ways to capitalize on positive developments and head off negative developments in the industry as it affects them, thus formulating strategies to help the industry continue its positive growth. They also work together to promote a code of ethics and high professional standards in the provision of tourist services. By working with other associations in the region through visits, travel fairs and familiarization trips CATA also promotes the Kingdom overseas.

CATA aims to take advantage of the development of infrastructure such as roads and tourist facilities to broaden the perception of Cambodia among tourists and expand tourism beyond the temples of Angkor and the beaches of Sihanoukville and encourage tourists to experience other highlights in less visited provinces such as its national parks, waterways and less famous but no less important or beautiful ancient temples. Today, CATA is a respected, expert and authoritative voice in discussions on matters of importance in what has become one of Cambodia''s leading industries-from infrastructure building to developing human resources.

Vision and Mission
The CATA, as the single voice of Cambodia Tourism Agents and respective Tourism Industry Associations, is a critical catalyst in building globally competitive tourism businesses and in strengthening local tourism and affiliated tourism associations..

It achieves its vision and mission through focused advocacy for tourism growth, strategic tourism services, and national / international networking resulting in sustainable economic growth for the long-term benefit of our Tourism and People.

As it pursues this mission with tireless effort and steadfast conviction, CATA is guided by the following purposes:
  • To foster closer relations, understanding and cooperation among the tourism sectors by unifying them into one strong and solid organization for the enhancement of economic growth and tourism development;
  • To serve as the voice of Cambodia tourism and be an independent forum for the development of a consensus among the tourism community on matters of national concern;
  • To take an active role in Cambodia tourism development and helping shape the course of national events and make known its position on issues affecting national interest;
  • To represent the Cambodia Travel Agents and Agencies community at the local, regional, national and international levels;
  • To establish and maintain linkages with global organizations representing tourism industry;
  • To initiate, submit recommendations and assist in the formulation, development, implementation and evaluation of plans, policies, programs, and all other activities that will promote the interest of tourism business;
  • To conduct, assist and encourage the compilation of data, research materials and studies for use in the development of tourism , policies and programs and related activities ;
  • To act as primary liaison and channel of communication between tourism business and government on matters and issues of interest to both; and
  • To enhance the country's role and status in the community of nations.

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